This post is super late and it just sits on my drafts folder. July has been a terrific month. I manage to stay on the line with some of my financial targets while I fall short in some.  Here’s my July 2017 financial report update.


Financially, July has been considerably tight month.  I tried to figure out how to really stick to my financial plans. I would say, having goals is pretty much more motivational and encouraging than having none at all.

Education fund

The power of automation! My education fund stays in the line as of July 2017.  It has  a total of P27,700. Not bas for a slow turtle saver like me, ha.

Education Fund July 2017, Mom Finance Blog


Emergency Fund

I tried hard to discipline myself and set aside for this emergency fund.  I am glad that despite some financial difficulties for July, I still was able to set aside my allotted budget for emergency fund.  At this point, my emergency fund is at P8,000, 4k short to my targeted 12k for this year.

Emergency Fund July 2017, Mom Finance Blog


Debt Payment Tracking

I have always wanted to be debt-free.  I look forward to the day the I would not owe anything to anyone, financially.  As of July 2017, my debt stands at P158,368.18.  I am happy with the significant decrease in my debt numbers but i would have wanted more momentum.  That would be more exciting.  I remain hopeful on this. Aja!

Debt Payment Progress Report July 2017, Mom Finance Blog

Paper Assets

As of July 2017, I still have not topped up my paper investments.  My goal for this is to reach 24k investments at the end of this year.  However, I am having a hard time adding this fund due to some financial priorities.  I am looking forward to invest in index funds.  As of the moment, I am investing on individual stocks and just stick with the blue chips.  I am not really confident yet with my technical and fundamental analysis skills so I keep myself on the safer line.

That’s it for now folks! Have a great day.