I have been juggling motherhood, work, side hustles and I feel a bit overwhelmed for the past few months. I’m trying to enjoy home gardening and slowed down a bit in terms of my online presence.  I feel like I wanted to be not in front of the computer and just enjoy life – outside the online world.  That explains my lack of posts for the past months.  Anyways, let’s see my financial footing for the month of September via my September 2017 Monthly Financial Report.

September 2017 Monthly Financial Report

The month of September has been a pleasant and balmy one for me.  Nothing much happened financially. I just strive to stay on the line with my financial plan.

Education Fund

My Education fund is still on track as of September 2017.  As  I mentioned in my several posts, this fund is automated so it is just so easy peasy for me to grow this fund…slowly but surely since it is just a very small amount. As of September 2017, I have a total of 29,700 on this fund.

Education Fund September 2017, September 2017 Monthly Financial Report, Mom Finance Blog

Emergency Fund

My emergency fund is on track as well even though sometimes I am late in paying this fund.  Nevertheless, for the month of September, I am still updated with my payments and it’s just 2 payments to go before I reach my target for this year of 12K.  This is just a small fund but this is a necessity so I am trying to max it out.

Emergency Fund September 2017, Monthly Financial Report, Mom Finance Blog

Debt Payment Tracking

Debt Payment Tracking September 2017, September 2017 Monthly Financial Report, Mom Finance Blog


My debt payment is steadily increasing a bit, in very small increments but I am happy about it.  I am actually thinking of paying a little more than my usual payments but I am still weighing whether to just invest my money or just put it directly to this debt payment.  It’s hard to decide because I am thinking of the opportunity costs.

Paper Assets

My paper assets remain untouched and untop-upped. No matter how much I pinched monies for this fund, my income could not make it just yet.  I am happy that as I monitored as of late, my first individual stock just grew to 17% the most! Wow, if only I had big buying power at that time.