The content of this blog will revolve around earning, saving, and investing money.  Being a mom, my greatest expression of my love for my family is food so food recipes will be a part of this blog as well. is born out of the author’s earnest desire to attain financial freedom.  In this blog, she shares about how to earn, save and invest money, food recipes and mommy musings in between.

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Fresh from Mrs. MFB’s Kitchen

Jackfruit Jam Recipe

This Jackfruit Jam Recipe is very easy to make and it is a sure click to your family.  It is also more affordable when you consider costing compared to the ones that are sold in the supermarkets.

Candied Walnuts

 have  walnuts in my pantry and I noticed that it is not the freshest anymore.  Since I planned of making a rocca salad, I made it into candied walnuts.

Rocca Salad

My family dined out at Yummy Restaurant during the festival in our place.  They ordered pork ribs while I ordered fried boneless milk fish and rocca salad.

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