is born out of the author’s earnest desire to attain financial freedom.  In this blog, she shares about earning, saving, investing money, home and family lifestyle as well as mommy musings in between. Read on to know more about Mom Finance Blog.

I have always been interested in personal finance. This interest stem from my need for growth in the financial area of my life.

I used to be not so mindful about money. I feel I was just doing okay with the work  that I have and with the salary that I received.  However, that mindset changed when I became a victim of office politics that the job that I once thought(wrongly) provide me security financially became a threat that I will lost it.  Added to that were the very financially draining health problems that my father and daughter underwent.  Those were life changing moments that made me realize I should not rest on my laurels.

Mom Finance Blog Content

The content of this blog will revolve around earning, saving, and investing money.   I will be touching also on topics about budgeting, some tidbits on debt and one of my favorite investing vehicles that I so yearn to have, real estate.

In between finances and personal finance tidbits you will also find a handful of home and family lifestyle topics such as home management, parenting and kids reflecting my being a mom and home-maker first and foremost.

I am a person who wears many different hats just as you are.  Foremost, I am a wife to my wonderful husband I shall call Mr. MFB.  I have a daughter I shall call Candy in this blog for the simple reason that she loves candies like chocolates and lollipops.  I have an adopted son I shall call Sugar because he is a big eater on anything sweet.

About MomFinanceBlog

Author’s Background

Mrs. MFB (Mrs. MomFinanceBlog) is the author of the site.  She is an ordinary employee who transitioned for self-employment and business. Mrs. MFB leads a simple life and strives to break free from her financial struggles. She hopes to achieve financial freedom and document it in this blog.

Mrs. MomFinanceBlog has been working in the academic industry for over a decade.  There is no question about her  dedication and commitment to her work until office politics slapped her face and made her realized that working and staying as an employee is a losing position.

She yearns for growth and wanted to explore other field of endeavors. Mrs. MFB finds herself reading a lot of books especially on personal finance and business. Until she explores possible side gig jobs with the intention of adding her income stream aside from her day job.

Without quitting her day job yet, she found herself moonlighting as credit investigation specialist in her mom’s money lending business.  There, she is exposed to a lot of irrational reasons why some people borrow money. She found herself stressed being the front line of other people’s money problems. Along this time, Mr. MFB is establishing his budding real estates sales business.

As her husband’s business slowly got established and Mrs. MFB having set aside ample emergency fund money to transition from being an employee to self-employment, she joined her husband full-time in his business.

Welcome to this little corner of ours sharing finance and family lifestyle tidbits and we are thrilled and happy you are here.  Welcome aboard and lets dance and sway together in this fantastic and amazing journey of our  lives.

Take control of your life and finances.


Mrs. MFB