Are you often late in your appointments? How about going to school?  Are you late in reporting for work? Submitting reports and deadlines?

You are not alone my friend!  There are times I feel that I would like to extend my sleep time. I really don’t want to get up yet.  I’m dragging myself out of bed.  Until I become often late in going for work.  And it is costing me a lot, financially, morally.

I know that being late is an exception and not the rule, and not the other way around.  I have been having problems with punctuality nowadays and I am to blame.

Cost of Being Late, Mom Finance Blog

Cost of Being Late

Getting late has its costs.  My transportation cost becomes higher because when I am really tight with time, I get to ride a taxi cab instead of the usual public transportation.  The expense becomes double or triple.

Lateness also is a source of stress.  I get to rush things up and it is really stressful when you are competing with time.

Being late is a morale bummer.  You get apologetic when you are late.  You feel ashamed that you disrespected other people’s time as well.

Lateness will cost you a deal, a client.  When you have an appointment and you are late, it will create a bad impression on you.  Time is very precious.  If you are into business and you are having an appointment with a potential client or investor, getting late is a deal breaker.  It will ruin your composure and will get in the way of getting ahead of your business endeavors.

How to Improve Punctuality

  • Organize your schedules.     Your schedule must be well-planned and laid out harmoniously so that you will not get mixed up.
  • Sleep early and sleep well.  Getting prompt into the days appointments is not just about getting up early but hitting the bed early and getting a good night rest during the night.
  • Give yourself time allowance to allow unforeseen circumstances to  hinder you from getting on time.  There are things that are beyond our control like, traffic, accidents.  If you give yourself a cushion then you can still be prompt in spite of the circumstances that is happening around you.
  • Commit to be on time.  If you are committed to be on time, you will have not problem getting late.
  • Use your timer or alarm clock.  You need that ringing bell for you to get up especially it is a new time schedule.  However, there are times that you don’t need it anymore if your rising time is already “programmed” in your body clock because you are already get used to your waking schedule.

There you have it friends.  Be on time always and avoid the cost of being late!