I was so busy in October.  Busy but unproductive.  I saw my stock investment turning green and keep watching the moves of the market.   My October was a mix of hit and miss financially speaking.  So, take it away, October 2017 financial report.

October 2017 Monthly Financial Report

I feel lost in October.  I kept on wasting time and I feel I have not accomplished something.  And I feel guilty for it.  I am making it up in the coming days.

Education Fund

My education fund is my greatest winner! Yes, since it can never be diverted.  However, sometimes it crosses in my mind whether to put it in other investment vehicles that has greater yield.  On the other hand, having a consistent 10% yearly return is good enough.  But I am going to weigh things up.  As of October, my Education Fund is at P30,700.

Education Fund October 2017, October 2017 Monthly Financial Report, Mom Finance Blog


Emergency fund

My emergency fund for October is a miss.  I have not topped up this fund for October but I am going to cover it up the following month. Nada for October so I will not anymore post the graph to save space 🙂

Debt Payment Progress Tracking

As for my debt payment, I am still on the line.  For the month of October, my debt stands at 154, 483.03 .   I am targeting  to have it at 150K by the end of this year!

Debt Payment Progress Report, October 2017 Monthly Financial Report, Mom Finance Blog

Paper Assets

My October paper assets is also a failure.  I have not topped it up because of many expenses that came up. Although I am excited because I had a windfall for the month but I was not able to put it into the fund until November came.  So my November paper asset report will be exciting.

Final Thoughts

Having goals is better than having none at all (at least for me).   Even if I fail in some aspects of my plan, the raw numbers motivates me to strive for more and hustle.

That’s all for now folks! Keep pushing forward.