This post has long been overdue.  Nevertheless, I am going to trace my networth for the 2nd quarter of 2017 to find out how I fare financially.  This is Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd quarter 2017.

Mom Finance Blog, Networth 2nd Quarter 2017

Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd Quarter 2017

Looking into my networth is exciting.  I will be able to look into my finances in black and white fashion.  I will have a chance to dig deep into my financial life and find ways on improving it.

So, take it away, 2nd quarter of 2017:

Personal Property

House and lot = P800,000

Savings and Investments

Savings Account #1 = P90,000

Savings Account #2 = P20,000

Educational fund = P26,700

Emergency Fund = P7,000

Paper Assets = P12,000


Debt = 159, 641.88


NETWORTH = 796, 058.12 ($15, 921. 16 @ $1=P50)


Key takeaways:

  • My previous networth is  at P744, 633.96 ($14,892.68 @ $1=P50).  For the 2nd quarter, my networth grow by 6.9%.
  • Setting goals is making me move positively, financially.  I believe that I have achieved more by setting financial goals because I become more conscious of my spending.  I see to it that I reach my target goals.  As one of my professors said,

Aim for the stars.  If you don’t get to the stars, at least, you reach the moon”

  • Focus is important. Constancy to purpose and intense focus on the goals is one way to increase one’s net worth.

Final Thoughts

I have yet to establish some cash flow streams that constantly flow aside from my active income.  I need to increase my income trough sideline gigs in order to increase my investment funds and debt payments.

I am happy to report that my networth is moving up to the positive direction.  However, I am far from getting the financial freedom  phase of my financial life simply because I just have started investing.  I am now in the phase where I am still laying the foundations of my financial life.  If I were to dissect my net worth, I still have a long way to go.  But I celebrate small wins and dance my way towards FI.