One of the highest expenses in every household is food, apart from housing and transportation. So, it is just right to pay attention on your food expense. There are ways to save on food cost without compromising nutrition and taste. Here are 5 effective ways to save on food cost.

How to Save on Food Cost

1. Never waste food. If there are leftovers, use it to make another recipe. Like if your breakfast is fried fish and it is not consumed all, you can use that fish for a ginisang kangkong. If you have leftover lechon, you can turn it into lechon paksiw. Be creative in re-purposing your leftover foods and you will definitely save in the process.

2.Make a menu plan. Making a menu plan is a smart way on saving food cost. By doing this, you know exactly what ingredients to buy for your planned menu when you do your marketing.

3.Have a checklist when you are going to the market or superstore.  Having a checklist on hand is very effective in saving money.

All you will be buying are those that are only on the list so you will end up buying only the needs and not the wants.

4.Have your Home Garden and produce your own food. If you love gardening like I do, you will really save a lot. There are plenty of plants and herbs that you can just plant in your garden and you do not need to buy them anymore in the market because you have your own produce. Plus you can serve fresh, organically grown food in your garden. How amazing is that!

5. Buy foods in areas where food is most affordable.  There are really areas where food are cheaper.  In my place, fish is much cheaper and fresher when purchased in the local wet market than in malls and supermarkets.

As for pantry supplies, there is a store here in my place that is much cheaper. It is actually where retailers and sari-sari stores buy their goods because it is cheaper and they will be able to get a good mark-up.

There you have it folks.  Happy saving!