Momsy duties and creating side incomes have been eating a lot of my time lately. As of current, I have been attending to the school needs of the kiddos and in this article, I am going to share to you the ways I did to  save on school supplies.

 save on school supplies

Ways to Save on School Supplies

When school opening comes, there are a lot of expenses to expect.  No matter how well prepared we are, it can be overwhelming sometimes.  However, with a little creativity and a bit of common sense, we will be able to save on these costs.

1. Make an Inventory and Re-use Non Consumable School Supplies.

Check on your kid’s bags, study table drawers and you just have to salvage whatever is till usable.  You will be surprised how much you can save on unused notebooks, pencils, crayons and many others.  Let your children re-use non-consumable items like stapler, rulers, sharpeners, just to name a few.

2.  Buy from the Wholesalers

If you really want to score on low school supply prices, go directly to the wholesalers and skip the middlemen.  You may be asked to buy bulk but you can set aside those extra items for the following year.  You will be able to really save a ton by buying directly from the wholesale traders.

3.  Do not Follow the Crowd

Remember the law on supply and demand in your basic economics? Yes. Normally, when there is a high demand for school items because it is school opening, prices go up.  Given this, you can be creative in the timing of buying school items, not just school supplies.  Like in my case, I don’t usually buy school shoes and socks during the school opening because  stores can be crowded with a lot of school shoes buyers.  I buy these items usually in January, when there are clearance and inventory sales.  These items are still good to go come school opening and I buy again  in the same month the following year.  I usually go for  quality even if a little pricey ones so that I don’t have to buy again and again over time.

These are some ways I save on school supplies for my kiddos.


3 Ways to Save on School Supplies