Disposable things are common nowadays.  We are in an era when we like to have things in haste. That is why we love to use disposable things – easy come, easy go.  This is also the reason why any services that are quick and easy are always a click –  such as fast food joints, express ATMs and many others.  Sadly, not only things are disposable nowadays.  It includes humans beings – that is, disposable employees.

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Disposable Employees

I have been working for the most part of my life.  My foolish self used to think that working or getting employed is the norm and I never really explored other venues of making money.  Not until I got bored with work and began to question if it is the kind of life I wanted to live until the sunset of my life which obviously is NOT. Having discovered  the FIRE community especially the awesome rockstar finance directory inspires me to save and invest aggressively.  I also find consolation in knowing that I am not the only one that struggles financially and that the world provides a vast opportunity for those who want it badly.

I have been feeling a bit emotional because I have a colleague who has to let go of her job lately.   She is the most hardworking person I know.  However, intrigues and office gossip made her looked like the most crappy worker in the organization.  She was demoted, told about things that less than demeaning. Finally, she had to let go of her job which was never planned.

I feel for her because it is said straight in her face that there are a lot of young, new breed of workers that can replace her.  This made me realize that we are indeed just disposables.  No amount of effort, selflessness can make one stay in an organization if it becomes too much to bear.

Lessons Learned

I learned that being employee does not at all provide security.  It is best to save and invest so that in times that job becomes h*llish, it is easier to let go because it will not affect me economically.    I also need to have multiple income streams so that if one is gone, other streams will still be there continue to at least feed me when trouble come.