Let us going to talk about the various reasons why you cannot save. It is important to check on these reasons so that we may be able to turn it the other way around. As it is said, awareness is the first step to improvement.

I agree that saving a part of one’s income is really hard, especially in this times when prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing.  There are many reasons why you cannot save.

Costs of food, transportation  and other life’s necessities  keep increasing. Salaries are pegged. (Hello inflation!)

If you are a rank and file employee and your income is just enough for your family, chances are, you may never be able to save.

Nevertheless, saving a portion of your income is a necessity if you want to take the road to financial freedom and hopefully retire early.  Or at least, retire comfortably if retiring early is not within the picture. Right?

Yeah, right!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had a hard time saving, part of the reason why I started this mommy finance blog. To document the progress of my financial life.

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Reasons You Cannot Save

Every person’s financial life is different.

Different circumstances.

Different income levels.

Varying mindsets.

However, there are common reasons why you (and me) cannot save. Some of which are the following:

Lack of strong financial goals

Setting a goal that has a big impact of your life is necessary.  It fuels the fire…to save.

You must create your WHY and the HOW will just come easily.  If you have a very strong WHY, you will do everything and find ways to make it happen.

Kung gusto, may paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.


Create your financial goal now! Write it on paper. Laminate it if need be. Put it on your wall. Be specific with what you want to achieve financially. All your financial decisions must be anchored on that goal.

Example: A  Mediterranean themed 4-bedroom house with 3 toilet and bath in 2400 square feet property located within ____ neighborhood.

Lack of Discipline

An indispensable attribute to a successful financial life is discipline.

The discipline to stick to your budget.  Resist peer pressure and avoid being swayed by spending temptations.  Withstand impulse buying. Forego that bonggang birthday party. The ability to control one’s spending to be able to pay yourself first and save that portion of your income.

If you want to really save, discipline matters.  Period.


Make a shopping list and stick to it. Follow your budget.  Choose to simplify life and avoid lavish celebrations that rub you off  money.  Plan all your expenses and adhere with that plan.


Have you heard your friends saying “Let’s go to the beach and be merry! Let’s eat out!

They will entice you to spend, spend and spend.  The justification is…You Only Live Once.


While it is true that we only live once and we only have one time to tread in this wonderful planet earth, it is not a reason for unrestrained spending, as if money just flows to us just like an overflowing water spring.

Practice mindful spending and never lose track on your financial goal.  Always remember your financial WHY.


 Feeling of Self-entitlement

Sometimes, you get overcome by your emotions.After a long tiring day at work, you feel you are entitled to self pampering and mindlessly splurge on it.



I’m not telling that you should not pamper your self.  But you must be conscious of your spending especially. Make leisure spending part of your budget so that you will not feel deprived.  And always focus on your goals.


It is important to know the reasons why you cannot save so that you may be able to reverse it, find remedies to counter it and finally start saving.

These are some of the many reasons why you cannot save.  What things prevent you from saving?