Lets admit it. Gadgets are an indispensable part of our lives nowadays. It is not just a luxury but it really is a necessity for us to  live conveniently.  As parents, we have a tendency to expose our kids to these gadgets because they provide our kids entertainment.  Not only that, these gadgets can be a sort of a replacement of our kid’s baby sitters. I myself is guilty of this and  I see it in my friends and even in parents meetings.  Parents can do their thing because these gadgets  keep company with their kids.  However, there are negative effects in excessive exposure of gadgets to our kids.  This article shares the reasons why I Limit my kids exposure to gadgets.

Reasons Why I Limit my Kids Exposure to Gadgets, Mom Finance Blog

Reasons why I Limit my Kids Exposure to Gadgets

Kids love gadgets. Mind you, they are expert users! Primarily, it keeps them entertained.  I myself allow my kids to use computers for educational purposes.  It is thru the help of online lessons for kids such as phonics that make my kids learn to read fast.  I also allow my kids to see movies on TV.  I have all the great cartoon collection you can think of.

However, I was alarmed when I learned that the son of my friend became epileptic and the doctor said that the reason for it is over-exposure to gadgets. Since then, I strongly regulated the time that my kids use electronic gadgets.

There are a lot of advantages that we ca gain from our kids using gadgets.  However, there are also negative effects on overuse of gadgets. So I am gonna share to you why I limit my kids exposure to gadgets.

1. Limited physical activity

If kids spend so much time on the screen, their time for physical activity becomes limited.  This will result to stunted motor skills.  In some cases, it will result obesity in kids because they just sit and eat and enjoy with their gadgets.

2. Can be a Cause of Speech Delay

I have a friend whose child has speech delay.  The child could not speak well at her age.  When a speech therapist was consulted, the mother was advised to limit exposure of her kid to TV because most of the time, the child just watch television and so communication was limited.

3. Learning bad words and inappropriate  behavior

My kid learned the F word from watching television.  What the children see on TV, they imitate it thinking it is correct.  So, parents guidance is very necessary when kids watch TV or videos over the Internet.

4. Exposure to scenes that cause anxiety to kids.

When my youngest was just over 2 years old, she watched a cartoon with her dad.  However, I noticed during the night when she goes to sleep with me that she is fidgety and restless.  She would look my face and eyes and I observed that she was having a hard time sleeping.  That’s when I discovered that the movie she watched with her dad was the cause of her anxiety.  From that time on, I have been very choosy of the movies that she get to see.

5. Cause of some diseases.

Aside from eye strain, there are certain diseases that are associated in overuse of gadgets by the kids.  As I have mentioned above, my office mate’s son is now having bouts of epilepsy attacks due to gadgets overexposure.  Boy, it’s never easy.  She would skip office and shared to me that there were times she would call 911 because she needs to bring her son urgently to the hospital’s emergency. Aside from that, it is very draining in the pocket.  She now maintains medication of her son of not less that 10k.  That is a massive amount that could have been diverted to savings or investments.

The use of gadgets provide tremendous advantages to us and our kids. But too much exposure to it  has also negative effects.  So the key here is to regulate our kids use of gadgets.