I have always been a Bo Sanchez fan.  I always read his column on Kerygma magazine and I have also attended Kerygma conference in which he was one of the inspirational speakers that was organized in my place.  Being his huge follower , I also adore his published books.  This article is a book review: Simplify and Create Abundance by Bo Sanchez.

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Book Review: Simplify and Create Abundance by Bo Sanchez

The book entitled Simplify and Create Abundance is just a small book.  It is just the a little bigger than a pocket book but a thinner one.

The book is so inspiring and it talks about simplifying and abundance.  When you simplify, your become more focused on what really matters in your life and you create abundance along the way.

Key takeaways of the Book Simplify and Create Abundance

This book has only few pages and you can really devour it for only one sitting if you are a bookworm like me.  I mean, I’m the kind who never stop reading if I am so engrossed and super interested of what a particular book contains.  Here are my key takeaways of the said book.

  • Define success in your own terms.  The word success is usually associated with big fat bank account, palatial houses situated in a luxurious or high-end neighborhood.  It means driving a shiny top of the line car and a lot of others akin to material things.  However, success can mean having just a simple abode where your happy family resides.  It could mean riding a second hand car because some of your funds are funneled to your “real’ investments that buy you freedom in the future.
  • Another takeaway from the book is the stages of one’s financial journey – from not having enough called the desert, to having enough called manna in the desert to having more than enough called the promise land or simple abundance.

Read this book, live a simple life and create abundance!