The content of this blog will revolve around earning, saving, and investing money.  Being a mom, my greatest expression of my love for my family is food so food recipes will be a part of this blog as well. is born out of the author’s earnest desire to attain financial freedom.  In this blog, she shares about how to earn, save and invest money, food recipes and mommy musings in between.

Money Matters


Why Gold Bullion is a Good Family Investment

If you are a shrewd investor who wants to put something aside for your family’s future security, look no further than gold bullion. For thousands of years, gold has held its value, and when you look at the past performance of this precious metal, there really isn’t a safer commodity than gold. Here are just a few of the reasons why gold bullion offers the best short and long-term investment to ensure security for your family.

Kapa Investment Scheme

Kapa which stands for Kabus Padatoon ( enrich the poor), a group lead by Pastor Joel Apolinario  grabbed headlines recently in the Philippines.  The President, no other than Pres. Duterte in a televised interview ordered the CIDG and NBI the stoppage of the operation of the said group because according to him, it is a ponzi scheme and therefore, a scam.

I am Finally Debt Free

Today marks a very significant milestone in my financial life. I paid all the remaining amount of my mortgage loan in the amount of Php126, 000 ($2, 423). I feel very ecstatic over the thought that I am finally debt free.  It is a very liberating feeling to know that my primary home is now safe for foreclosure because it is now fully paid. Hooray! I an now debt free.

Fresh from Mrs. MFB’s Kitchen

Sweet Avocado Spread

Avocados are in a season this time.  Prices are plunging very low so it is time to binge on this delicious and nutritious fruit. I bought 3 kilos of avocado this weekend in my local market.  The simplest and yummiest recipe I can think of is sweet avocado spread.

Tinolang Isda with Malunggay (Fish Ginger Soup with Moringa Leaves)

Tinolang Isda (Fish Ginger Soup) is perfect for lunch today.  It is pouring heavy rain in my place.  Classes and work are suspended due to tropical depression in my area.

So we are lazing around the house and I’ve got matambaka (big-eye scad fish) in the fridge.  What better way to cook it than having  a soup?

Steamed Trevally Fish

Steamed Trevally fish is one of my favorite dishes.  It is delicious and easy to make.

I have been trying to eat healthy and evade as much as I can on eating red meat.  Although  I sometimes eat meat when I dine out with some business associates.

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