Pidoks Restaurant is located along Ilustre St., Davao City.  We were along the vicinity of the area when lunch time came.

We went to Mang Inasal and surveyed the area because we love their barbecue and the prices are low compared to other restaurants but it is full of people and we could not find a seat for us.

So we moved out and walked along Ilustre Street and decided to take out lunch at Pidoks.  There were only few people.  It is understandable because price wise, they are above other restaurants in the area.

Pidoks Restaurant Davao, Mom Finance Blog

Pidoks Restaurant Food

It was our first time dining at the restaurant so we ordered our favorite fares.  Mr. Hubbs ordered of course his favorite kinilaw na isda or ceviche fish made of tuna

It was delicious and we loved it.  Our little pumpkin ordered her fave lechon kawali.  I ordered something that has vegetables so I got the Banana Heart Salad.

Kinilaw at Pidoks Restaurant Davao, Mom Finance Blog


This kinilaw is delicious and tasted good.  It is a perfect appetizer to start our lunch.  Mr Hubbs did enjoy devouring his fave kinilaw.

Lechon Kawali at Pidoks Restaurant, Mom Finance Blog

Lechon Kawali

My little Pumkin’s favorite, this yummy lechon kawali.

I was intrigued because when we dine at other restaurants, it is usually priced P200/ish plus. On their menu, it is P300/ish.

When it was served to us, I was a little disappointed because the strip of the pork is so thin and kinda small for the price. But it was delicious.

Banana Heart Salad, Pidoks Restaurant Davao, Mom Finance Blog

Banana Heart Salad

This is the banana heart salad that I ordered.  It consist of banana heart mixed with coconut milk and topped with fried dilis (anchovy).

It was my first time tasting this kind of combination. Boy, it was so good.  No wonder the waiter said it is one of their best sellers.

Durian Shake, Mom Finance Blog

Durian Shake

Our family loved durian so little Pumpkin ordered the durian shake.  It did not disappoint.