Boy Zugba SM Ecoland Davao City is a Bisaya-restaurant located at the second floor of SM City Ecoland, Davao.

Last weekend, the whole family was strolling around at SM City Ecoland.  It was about lunch time already and we looked for restaurants starting from the Annex building going into the Main building of the mall.

We looked at the restaurants at the 2nd floor and decided to dine at Boy Zugba SM Ecoland Davao City.

There were just few people yet when we got inside the restaurant because it was only a quarter past eleven o’clock in the morning.

Looking at the menu, we ordered lechon kawali because it is little Pumpkin’s favorite.

For the soup, we ordered the spicy Lapu-lapu. We also ordered Pancit Palabok and kinilaw which is Mr. Hubbs favorite.

Boy Zugba Restaurant at SM Ecoland Davao City, Mom Finance Blog

Ambiance at Boy Zugba SM City Ecoland Davao City

When you get inside the restaurant, you will be amazed at the theme and creativity of it owners.  You will see “hugot” lines displayed at the walls of the restaurant.

It has an industrial theme interior with embellishments that appeal to the young generation.

The Food

When we dine at any restaurant, there are considerations we factor in first.  One is the price.  We consider our budget first.

Second is the food.  Depending on our mood, we factor in what kind of food we want for that particular dining adventure.  This time around, its Filipino grilled goodies and this restaurant did not disappoint.

Kinilaw or Fish Ceviche at Boy Zugba Restaurant Davao, Mom Finance Blog


The kinilaw is delicious.  It is a mixed of tuna and lato. Super yummy.

Pancit Palabok at Zugba Restaurant SM City Ecoland Davao, Mom Finance Blog

The pancit palabok is delectable.  It is topped with shrimp, crushed chicharon and scallions. It is only god for 1 person (if you are a heavy eater 🙂 )

Lechon Kawali at Boy Zugba Restaurant SM Ecoland Davao, Mom Finance Blog

Lechon Kawali

Lechon Kawali is deliciously cooked garnished with scallions and red bell peppers.  You have 3 choices of the dip – hot sauce, green mango with bagoong and the gravy sauce.

Hinalang na Sinigang at By Zugba Restaurant Davao, Mom Finance Blog

Hinalang na Sinigang

I personally loved the Hinalang na Sinigang that we ordered.  It is a soup consisting with fried sliced Lapu-lapu with a tamarind broth and mixed with water spinach.  It is simply delicious.

For our drinks, we ordered watermelon cooler which is their best seller. It is in a pitcher which is already good for 3-4 people.

Watermelon Cooler at Boy Zugba Restaurant Davao City, Mom Finance Blog

Watermelon Cooler

If you are a big group, this restaurant also offers various boodle for you to choose from. They have the Karne-vorous which is obviously lots of karne or meat dishes, the Seafood (seafood goodness) and Meat me at the Sea – a mix of seafood and meat.


If you want to fry Filipino goodness and a millennial vibe restaurant, then Boy Zugba is a must visit.  Prices are competitive and you will be treated to an ambiance that is youthful, with posters of hugot lines making you smile and giggle.