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Monthly Financial Progress Report – November 2016

This is the first post for my monthly financial progress report.  I only have very small amount of money as of now and this will be reflected in this report. It does not matter how small I have now but what is important is I have started off something. First Monthly Progress Report I was contemplating of whether to publish this or not.  I am really hesitant to share my numbers .  However, I started this blog purposely to track my financial life’s journey, so I finally decided to do this. First off, here are some facts about my financial...

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Reasons Why You Cannot Save

Let us going to talk about the various reasons why you cannot save. It is important to check on these reasons so that we may be able to turn it the other way around. As it is said, awareness is the first step to improvement. I agree that saving a part of one’s income is really hard, especially in this times when prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing.  There are many reasons why you cannot save. Costs of food, transportation  and other life’s necessities  keep increasing. Salaries are pegged. (Hello inflation!) If you are a rank and file employee and...

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Saving Solution: Automate and Force Save

I have been thinking of ways to save money for my child’s education.  I find it hard to save money specifically intended for it.  There are just plenty of things that needs my attention financially.  I have long planned on setting a portion of my earnings for it but several years passed and I haven’t even started. Just save small amount consistently and invest it regularly. So I think of creative ways to start.  My mantra is that I don’t need a big amount to start saving for my child’s education.  All I need is small amount saved and...

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Home Gardening: A Way to Spend Less on Veggies and Kitchen Herbs

Since I became very conscious on my household expense because I badly needed to cut cost to save,  I am always on the lookout of ways to slash budget on our food, since it is one of the biggest expenses that we incur in our household. However, I will never compromise the quality of our food.  After all, health is wealth, so to speak. A report of Asian Development Bank  in 2009 which surveys expenditures of Filipinos receiving remittances from abroad revealed that a big chunk of the money they receive which is 93%  goes to food and other  household expenses next...

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