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Book Review: Simplify and Create Abundance by Bo Sanchez

I have always been a Bo Sanchez fan.  I always read his column on Kerygma magazine and I have also attended Kerygma conference in which he was one of the inspirational speakers that was organized in my place.  Being his huge follower , I also adore his published books.  This article is a book review: Simplify and Create Abundance by Bo Sanchez. Book Review: Simplify and Create Abundance by Bo Sanchez The book entitled Simplify and Create Abundance is just a small book.  It is just the a little bigger than a pocket book but a thinner one. The...

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Celebrating Christmas without Breaking Your Wallet

Celebrating Christmas without breaking the wallet is not an easy feat.  We know that Christmas really entails lots of expenses. Nonetheless, you can still achieve not breaking your wallet while celebrating a joyful and meaningful Christmas.  All you have to do is plan carefully and discipline yourself when  it comes to Christmas spending. Celebrating Christmas without Breaking Your Wallet Thoughtful Gift Giving Gifting is one big factor that drains your wallet come Christmas time. One technique with gifting is to list down the people that you wanted to give gifts to and decide what gift you can give to...

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Christmas Celebration and Its Financial Implications

Christmas celebration is the most awaited and endeared occasion for us Filipinos.  There is something in Christmas time that gives us joy, hope and an enviable happy spirit.   It is in this time of the year the we pig out and splurge on food.  Family, friends and class reunions are often held on this season.  Christmas parties are pretty much everywhere and sometimes, we get to a point when we wonder which party to attend to. An indispensable part of this occasion is the gift giving which has become a tradition.  With these, it made me wonder the financial...

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7 Financial Decisions You Must Make in Your 20s

Being a 20-something is awesome.  You are just starting in your career and you’ve got a lot of pizzazz.  Your youthful energy is at its highest. In this article, we are going to talk about 7 financial decisions you must make in your 20s. By this time, fresh from college, look for a job right away.  If you are the entrepreneurial type, go build your own business.  The ultimate purpose is to finally  earn your own keep.  You are already done with school and it is time for you to practice what you have learned for almost 2 decades...

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How to DIY Endless Supply Green Onions aka Scallions

Today, we are going to learn how to have a DIY endless supply of green onions.  Green onions , also known as scallions add flavor to your food and it adds the good aroma to your cooking. Ways to Grow Scallions There are several ways to grow scallions.  You can grow it through hydroponics and you can plant it in a pot or directly to the soil in your backyard. Growing scallions through hydroponics  When you buy scallions in the supermarket, it is usually accompanied with its roots.  Cut the onion bulbs, leaving the portion with attached roots behind....

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