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January 2017 passed by so fast.  Its as if it was just a quick click of my fingers.  Maybe because I was always in a hurry and super duper busy that I did not notice how quick January came by and it is already February.  Here is my January 2017 Monthly Financial Progress Report. January 2017 Financial Progress Report January 2017 was a rather very busy month for me.  Aside from that, I also incurred so many expenses.  There are just annual bills, bulk bills that is, that I have to pay. Education Fund I continued saving for my Educational...

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Monthly Financial Progress Report – December 2016

This is a very late update of my Financial Progress Report but it is better late than never having at all.   The month of December has been a very busy month for me.  A lot of party to attend, many preparations to make.  It was also a month that we made some home improvements.  This is only my second Financial Update Report.  Even if late, I want to do this so I will have a way of tracing my progress (or regress, LOL). December 2016 Financial Progress Report The month of December has had plenty of expenses.  Let’s...

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Tips on How to Buy Your First Home

Buying a house is not at all that fast and easy.  It is a onerous endeavor and it needs careful planning and thorough analysis of ones financial capacity. On the other hand, it is really not that tedious as many think it is.  As long as you do your research and you are financially ready, you will have a smooth buying experience on your first home.  This article will give you Tips on How to Buy Your First Home. Tips on How to Buy Your First Home When Buying a home, you must decide first what type of house...

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Financial Plans 2017

It is the start of the year.  Happy New Year everyone!  The best time to lay out plans for the whole 2017.  I have been resolved to improve my financial life and the best way to achieve this is to start saving and investing  NOW.  In this article, I am going to bare my financial plans 2017. Financial Plans 2017 It is said that if you want to achieve something, you have to write it down. In doing so, you will have a bigger chance of turning that goal into reality.  It also needs to be specific, measurable and...

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Figuring out How Much to Save

Saving is very important.  It is the basic and most important step towards financial independence.   Since it is the start of the year 2017, it is a perfect time to make a financial plan. This time, I am going to share to you how I figure out how much to save. At the moment, I am still beginning my journey towards my goal to financial independence. I have very small amount yet for my assets that earn as I shared in this financial report.  So I am trying very hard to save this year to beef up  my...

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