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Trend of Disposable Employees

Disposable things are common nowadays.  We are in an era when we like to have things in haste. That is why we love to use disposable things – easy come, easy go.  This is also the reason why any services that are quick and easy are always a click –  such as fast food joints, express ATMs and many others.  Sadly, not only things are disposable nowadays.  It includes humans beings – that is, disposable employees. Disposable Employees I have been working for the most part of my life.  My foolish self used to think that working or getting employed...

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Monthly Financial Progress Report – April and May 2017

My April and May financial report is merged into one because I was a mess, financially during these 2 months.  I had a hard time following my financial plans for these two months.   All those automated savings and investments were the ones that are in line.  Here is my Financial Progress Report – April and May 2017. Financial Progress Report – April and May 2017 April and May is summer here in the Philippines.  The family spend this precious time to bond together by going to the beach and eating out- the reason why I became a mess financially....

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Buying Affordable Foods in the Public Market

Food is one of the expenses that get a big chunk in our household budget and this is true with other blogs that I have read.  That is apart from transportation and housing expenses. I usually do my marketing on a weekly basis.  Food supplies for the whole week are purchased to avoid frequent trips to the neighborhood store where prices can be really steep. I must say, I fell in love with the public market. Affordable Foods in the Public Market Sometimes, I just do my marketing in my local market which is just near to us.  However,...

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Saluyot (Jute) Salad Recipe: A Delicious Appetizer

I have always been experimenting and looking out for delicious and healthy foods to serve for my family.  There is saluyot or jute plant that grows in my garden so I figured out how to cook it.  My husband suggested that it is a delicious plant for salad which he confessed he likes a lot.  He tasted it in one of the carenderias  he used to frequent to.  So here is my delectable saluyot (jute) salad recipe. Saluyot (Jute) Salad Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups of blanched saluyot or jute leaves medium size ginger medium size onions 1 teaspoon sugar 1/4...

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Hello everyone! This is a bit late but I’m excited to look into my progress for the month of March. So here we go, my financial progress report for the month of March 2017. MARCH 2017 FINANCIAL PROGRESS REPORT March 2017 entailed tightening of belt because it is the end of the school year and I was having  school fees to be mindful of.  My education fund is still in its infancy and I am still growing it. Education Fund My education fund is still on track.  I topped up my allotted P1,000 for this fund.  As of March 2017,...

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