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Hello everyone! This is a bit late but I’m excited to look into my progress for the month of March. So here we go, my financial progress report for the month of March 2017. MARCH 2017 FINANCIAL PROGRESS REPORT March 2017 entailed tightening of belt because it is the end of the school year and I was having  school fees to be mindful of.  My education fund is still in its infancy and I am still growing it. Education Fund My education fund is still on track.  I topped up my allotted P1,000 for this fund.  As of March 2017,...

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Finally Started Stock Market Investment

Stock Market Investment is one of my planned investment vehicles.  I have been wanting to invest in the stock market, as mentioned in my February Financial report.  I am happy that I was already been able to fill out the required forms for my chosen stock broker and was given right away with the  user account number which I needed to fund for my account.  When I got home, I right away accessed my account and funded it with the savings I intended for this investment.  Yeheey! this is now the start of my stock market investment journey. How...

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Tapa King Restaurant: A Review

Over the weekend,my two friends and I were feeling hungry and we were around the vicinity of Davao Doctors in Quirino Street.   We were looking for restaurant to eat and we decided to try Tapa King restaurant.    It was my first time to eat at this restaurant so I give it a go. Tapa King Restaurant Tapa King Restaurant offers Filipino favorites.  Of course, their bestsellers are the tapa.  Tapa (Filipino cuisine) is dried or cured beef, mutton, venison or horse meat, although other meat or even fish may be used. Filipinos prepare tapa by using thin...

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Forex Trading Seminars: Why You are Right to be Skeptical

This week, we are celebrating “Araw ng Davao” for its 80th founding anniversary. So, while I am enjoying visiting trade fairs and fun-filled activities in my area, let me welcome my online friend Ranga for his guest post today regarding forex trading seminars. This article was inspired as a result of reading “Learn to Trade Seminar by Greg Secker at SMX Lanang,” article that was published few weeks ago. What stood out for me from the article was that it was free and that the seminar was understandably, perceived by many as a way to make additional income. Well,...

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Monthly Financial Progress Report – February 2017

The month of February is  “Feb-ibig”  month, more commonly known as the month of hearts due to Valentine’s Day celebration.  There’s nothing fancy in our family celebrating the Valentine’s Day but I believe we have the best celebrations in our own way.  We bought foods for our family dinner date and I got a good massage.  It feels so good and it is the best way to relax in such a busy-buddy world of mine.  Nothing big happened, financial-wise.  I am thankful that we are still in track with our financial goals.  Without much ado, here is my monthly...

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