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How to Save Money on Travel

I love to travel especially to places where I have not been to.  Travel rejuvenates ones soul and gives you fresh life perspective. In this article, I am going to share with you how to save money on travel.   How to Save Money on Travel Set aside and Save money for the Travel Obviously, we need money when we travel to pay for airline tickets, hotel accommodation, food, transportation and other expenses that will be incurred in between.  It is great to save money intended solely for fun and travel to stay in line with one’s financial goals...

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Why Couples Need to Talk about Money and Finances

When me and Mr. MFB were dating, we never discussed about money.  It seems very awkward to talk about money when you were just getting to know each other.  We were so focused on eating out, movie dates that we did not talk about money and finances.  However, as years passed by and when our relationship got more serious, that’s when we realize that we need to mind our expenses as a couple.  We saw the need to talk about our finances.  This article shares about why couples need to talk about money and finances. Why Couples Need to...

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How to Practice Safe Online Banking

Online banking is such a blessing for us in this digital age.  I so love online banking or doing online transactions for that matter due to its tremendous benefits.  However, its convenience is also coupled with risks and dangers so it is best to practice safe online banking always. Benefits of Online Banking Online banking has tons of benefits: Save Time.   When you do online banking, you save so much time because you don’t need to go to the bank just to make simple transactions. You don’t have to queue Save Transportation cost.  Since you do not need to...

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Debt Payment: Financial Priority

I can be impatient at times and that is reflected in my financial decisions.  I kind of messed up because I want to see big results in just a small period of time which at times or most of the times unrealistic. But lately, I realized that I cannot just do everything at the same time so I need to prioritize.  This time it is my debt payment. I have been wanting to eradicate my debt for the longest time now. This debt stifles me from going all out with my investment. PAYING OFF DEBT In the previous year,...

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Figuring Out how to Increase Income

Hello lovelies! I have been out in the loop for a longer time.  Yes, aside from getting glued on the screen, feeling great with the latest breakout of the index, I was also occupied with trying to figure out and set-up secondary source of income to beef up my cash flow.  Honestly, I have a very low salary.  There’s no way my present income can move the needle so I was figuring out how to increase my income. Figuring Out how to Increase Income Being frugal has its limit.  I can only stretch my available funds to a certain...

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