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September 2017 Monthly Financial Report

I have been juggling motherhood, work, side hustles and I feel a bit overwhelmed for the past few months. I’m trying to enjoy home gardening and slowed down a bit in terms of my online presence.  I feel like I wanted to be not in front of the computer and just enjoy life – outside the online world.  That explains my lack of posts for the past months.  Anyways, let’s see my financial footing for the month of September via my September 2017 Monthly Financial Report. September 2017 Monthly Financial Report The month of September has been a pleasant and balmy one for me.  Nothing much happened financially. I just strive to stay on the line with my financial plan. Education Fund My Education fund is still on track as of September 2017.  As  I mentioned in my several posts, this fund is automated so it is just so easy peasy for me to grow this fund…slowly but surely since it is just a very small amount. As of September 2017, I have a total of 29,700 on this fund. Emergency Fund My emergency fund is on track as well even though sometimes I am late in paying this fund.  Nevertheless, for the month of September, I am still updated with my payments and it’s just 2 payments to go before I reach my target for this year of...

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Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd Quarter 2017

This post has long been overdue.  Nevertheless, I am going to trace my networth for the 2nd quarter of 2017 to find out how I fare financially.  This is Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd quarter 2017. Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd Quarter 2017 Looking into my networth is exciting.  I will be able to look into my finances in black and white fashion.  I will have a chance to dig deep into my financial life and find ways on improving it. So, take it away, 2nd quarter of 2017: Personal Property House and lot = P800,000 Savings...

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August 2017 Financial Report Update

August 2017 is exciting in Davao because we celebrate the Kadayawan Festival.  I always look forward to this month because of the holidays. Anyways, here is my August 2017 financial report update. AUGUST 2017 FINANCIAL REPORT UPDATE Although we celebrated the Kadayawan Festival in August, I keep myself financially in check by not going to malls and bazaars to avoid unnecessary spending.  There’s a lot of “sale” everywhere, literally.  However, I bought myself herbs for my home garden. There was an agri-trade fair and I indulge myself with it. That was long been planned anyway. Education fund Education is the...

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July 2017 Financial Report Update

This post is super late and it just sits on my drafts folder. July has been a terrific month. I manage to stay on the line with some of my financial targets while I fall short in some.  Here’s my July 2017 financial report update. JULY 2017 FINANCIAL REPORT UPDATE Financially, July has been considerably tight month.  I tried to figure out how to really stick to my financial plans. I would say, having goals is pretty much more motivational and encouraging than having none at all. Education fund The power of automation! My education fund stays in the line...

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The Cost of Being Late

Are you often late in your appointments? How about going to school?  Are you late in reporting for work? Submitting reports and deadlines? You are not alone my friend!  There are times I feel that I would like to extend my sleep time. I really don’t want to get up yet.  I’m dragging myself out of bed.  Until I become often late in going for work.  And it is costing me a lot, financially, morally. I know that being late is an exception and not the rule, and not the other way around.  I have been having problems with...

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