Month: November 2017

Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad

Health is wealth.  If one is to stay healthy, he must eat healthy food choices. Lately, I have been trying to do menu planning so I can strictly monitor what I eat.  I love sea foods and veggies and I have been longing to eat sweet potato leaves salad. Since I don’t have it in my home garden, I bought a small bundle of it in the market.  Here is how I made my sweet potato leaves (camote tops) salad.   Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad Ingredients: 2 cups of blanched sweet potato leaves (a.k.a. camote tops or...

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October 2017 Monthly Financial Report

I was so busy in October.  Busy but unproductive.  I saw my stock investment turning green and keep watching the moves of the market.   My October was a mix of hit and miss financially speaking.  So, take it away, October 2017 financial report. October 2017 Monthly Financial Report I feel lost in October.  I kept on wasting time and I feel I have not accomplished something.  And I feel guilty for it.  I am making it up in the coming days. Education Fund My education fund is my greatest winner! Yes, since it can never be diverted.  However, sometimes...

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Understanding Cryptocurrency – A Few Basic Notions

Cryptocurrency is now becoming a huge industry.  Many of my friends are buying it for investment.  It is interesting to note how bitcoin prices have increased in the past months.  Today, Mr. Alex M shares to us about understanding cryptocurrency. *** When most people hear about Bitcoin they become skeptical. Not only is it new with not much backing it but mainly because it’s intangible. It doesn’t help that many places aren’t accepting cryptocurrencys yet. Not only do people not own any cryptocurrency, they don’t even know what bitcoin is? When they do find out, they don’t care to...

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September 2017 Monthly Financial Report

I have been juggling motherhood, work, side hustles and I feel a bit overwhelmed for the past few months. I’m trying to enjoy home gardening and slowed down a bit in terms of my online presence.  I feel like I wanted to be not in front of the computer and just enjoy life – outside the online world.  That explains my lack of posts for the past months.  Anyways, let’s see my financial footing for the month of September via my September 2017 Monthly Financial Report. September 2017 Monthly Financial Report The month of September has been a pleasant...

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