Day: September 25, 2017

Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd Quarter 2017

This post has long been overdue.  Nevertheless, I am going to trace my networth for the 2nd quarter of 2017 to find out how I fare financially.  This is Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd quarter 2017. Mom Finance Blog Networth – 2nd Quarter 2017 Looking into my networth is exciting.  I will be able to look into my finances in black and white fashion.  I will have a chance to dig deep into my financial life and find ways on improving it. So, take it away, 2nd quarter of 2017: Personal Property House and lot = P800,000 Savings...

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August 2017 Financial Report Update

August 2017 is exciting in Davao because we celebrate the Kadayawan Festival.  I always look forward to this month because of the holidays. Anyways, here is my August 2017 financial report update. AUGUST 2017 FINANCIAL REPORT UPDATE Although we celebrated the Kadayawan Festival in August, I keep myself financially in check by not going to malls and bazaars to avoid unnecessary spending.  There’s a lot of “sale” everywhere, literally.  However, I bought myself herbs for my home garden. There was an agri-trade fair and I indulge myself with it. That was long been planned anyway. Education fund Education is the...

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