Month: July 2017

The Cost of Being Late

Are you often late in your appointments? How about going to school?  Are you late in reporting for work? Submitting reports and deadlines? You are not alone my friend!  There are times I feel that I would like to extend my sleep time. I really don’t want to get up yet.  I’m dragging myself out of bed.  Until I become often late in going for work.  And it is costing me a lot, financially, morally. I know that being late is an exception and not the rule, and not the other way around.  I have been having problems with...

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June 2017 financial report update

The month of June passed by just like a tick of the clock.  That is what I feel when there are so much to do and seems that I am racing with time.  Too much to do in just a short period of time.  Anyways, here is my June 2017 financial report update. June 2017 financial report update My June financial footing is not much that exciting, personally.  I got ear infection and some of my funds were directed to check-ups and medicines so let’s see how I fare financially in June through the figures below. Education Fund My...

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Antonio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant at Abreeza Mall Davao: A Review

I rarely go eating out because I am careful of my spending.  However, there are times that I get to eat at nice restaurants via freebies.  I mentioned of my colleague who got out from  work.  She had her despedida with us so we dined at Antonio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant. Antonio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant Antonio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City.  It is just near to the food court area.  They serve Filipino favorites – from appetizers, side dishes to main courses, you...

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Trend of Disposable Employees

Disposable things are common nowadays.  We are in an era when we like to have things in haste. That is why we love to use disposable things – easy come, easy go.  This is also the reason why any services that are quick and easy are always a click –  such as fast food joints, express ATMs and many others.  Sadly, not only things are disposable nowadays.  It includes humans beings – that is, disposable employees. Disposable Employees I have been working for the most part of my life.  My foolish self used to think that working or getting employed...

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