Month: November 2016

7 Financial Decisions You Must Make in Your 20s

Being a 20-something is awesome.  You are just starting in your career and you’ve got a lot of pizzazz.  Your youthful energy is at its highest. In this article, we are going to talk about 7 financial decisions you must make in your 20s. By this time, fresh from college, look for a job right away.  If you are the entrepreneurial type, go build your own business.  The ultimate purpose is to finally  earn your own keep.  You are already done with school and it is time for you to practice what you have learned for almost 2 decades...

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How to DIY Endless Supply Green Onions aka Scallions

Today, we are going to learn how to have a DIY endless supply of green onions.  Green onions , also known as scallions add flavor to your food and it adds the good aroma to your cooking. Ways to Grow Scallions There are several ways to grow scallions.  You can grow it through hydroponics and you can plant it in a pot or directly to the soil in your backyard. Growing scallions through hydroponics  When you buy scallions in the supermarket, it is usually accompanied with its roots.  Cut the onion bulbs, leaving the portion with attached roots behind....

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Monthly Financial Progress Report – November 2016

This is the first post for my monthly financial progress report.  I only have very small amount of money as of now and this will be reflected in this report. It does not matter how small I have now but what is important is I have started off something. First Monthly Progress Report I was contemplating of whether to publish this or not.  I am really hesitant to share my numbers .  However, I started this blog purposely to track my financial life’s journey, so I finally decided to do this. First off, here are some facts about my financial...

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Reasons Why You Cannot Save

Let us going to talk about the various reasons why you cannot save. It is important to check on these reasons so that we may be able to turn it the other way around. As it is said, awareness is the first step to improvement. I agree that saving a part of one’s income is really hard, especially in this times when prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing.  There are many reasons why you cannot save. Costs of food, transportation  and other life’s necessities  keep increasing. Salaries are pegged. (Hello inflation!) If you are a rank and file employee and...

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