Day: October 27, 2016

Saving Solution: Automate and Force Save

I have been thinking of ways to save money for my child’s education.  I find it hard to save money specifically intended for it.  There are just plenty of things that needs my attention financially.  I have long planned on setting a portion of my earnings for it but several years passed and I haven’t even started. Just save small amount consistently and invest it regularly. So I think of creative ways to start.  My mantra is that I don’t need a big amount to start saving for my child’s education.  All I need is small amount saved and...

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Home Gardening: A Way to Spend Less on Veggies and Kitchen Herbs

Since I became very conscious on my household expense because I badly needed to cut cost to save,  I am always on the lookout of ways to slash budget on our food, since it is one of the biggest expenses that we incur in our household. However, I will never compromise the quality of our food.  After all, health is wealth, so to speak. A report of Asian Development Bank  in 2009 which surveys expenditures of Filipinos receiving remittances from abroad revealed that a big chunk of the money they receive which is 93%  goes to food and other  household expenses next...

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